Wednesday, 19 October 2011

MUA Stick Lip Glosses

I got these MUA lip glosses in Superdrug and they cost just €1.05 a piece. They come in five different shades but I picked up 2.

 (Top-bottom: Shade 4, Shade 5)
(L-R: Shade 5, Shade 4)

These glosses come in long 12cm tubes and contain 2.8 mls of product. They have nice long wands and doe foot applicators which is really great when you're applying this product on the go. It's really shiny sleek packaging and you wouldn't guess that it only cost €1.05. And ok, they are rather unimaginatively named which upsets me a smidge because I think I would love a job christening various make up products but that's ok, I'll just give them names myself.

This product smells and tastes amazing and feels great on your lips, light and not too sticky. It really stays put too, but you would need to top up once every couple of hours to keep the colour nice and bright. And talk about colour- these glosses are quite pigmented, especially Shade 4, and each of the colours has this really finely milled glitter too which makes them lovely and shiny. Again, I cannot believe that these glosses were only €1 and a few cents, complete bargain.

These are REALLY great glosses by anybody's standards and the fact that they are so cheap...happy days. Have to pick up the other colours next time I am near a Superdrug because Superdrug don't deliver to Ireland, boo hiss, shame!

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