Wednesday, 19 October 2011

MUA Lipsticks

If you haven't guessed by now, I am a bit of a lipstick fiend! I go crazy for the stuff, I have no idea how many I even own by now and maybe I am too afraid to count. Anyways I picked these beauties up in Superdrug for €1.05 each (hello!?) but if you are living in the UK you can visit the Superdrug website ( and pick them up for £1 each (they don't deliver to Ireland unforch!)

 (Top to Bottom: Shade 6, Shade 12, Shade 13, Shade 1)
 (L-R: Shade 6, Shade 12, Shade 13, Shade 1)
(L-R: Shade 6, Shade 12, Shade 13, Shade 1)

I have zero qualms or complaints about the packaging of these lipsticks whatsoever because it pretty much fulfils all my criteria- it's nice and neat at 6.5cm and the top fastens securely on. There is a little bit of product visible at the end of every lipstick and this makes it really handy to pick one out quickly and saves you having to inspect stickers, or even worse, pop the corks of all the lipsticks looking for one particular colour (it's the simple things!!) The lipstick itself winds down fully so no chance of it getting damaged by the cork.  Really couldn't fault it.

Again, I am super impressed with the quality of these lipsticks. Not only are they crazy pigmented, they glide on so easily it is ridiculous, they taste lovely on the lips, they're not sticky and they last quite a long time. The choice of colours was great and the colour payoff is amazing, they are really striking and bright. If you don't like strong lip colours, I probably wouldn't choose any of the colours I chose, but they have a plethora of other colours to choose from, something for everybody I'd bet. They have not yet left my lips feeling dried out or chapped and they feel quite moisturising on. 

I can't believe these were only €1.05 each, I have spent twenty times that on high end lipsticks before which didn't cause as much as a glimmer on my lipstick spectrum. These really stand out and I'll definitely pick up more colours in due course.

Star rating:
***** Has to be full marks!

Hope this helps xxx

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