Monday, 24 October 2011

MUA Individual Eyeshadows

These are part of the new MUA (Make Up Academy) range at Superdrug and cost an absolutely crazy €1.05 each. 

I really like the simplistic packaging on these because I keep all my eyeshadows in a huge drawer and I like to be able to easily see and select a colour on any given day, and the transparent packaging on these is really helpful. What is mildly disappointing is that the shades are numbered and not named, I just love the quirky names companies come up with and to just number them seems a bit lackadaisical but it does not take away from the amazingness inside the little containers.

I love love love love these shadows for so many reasons. don't even know where to begin! Firstly, they are soooo pigmented, I mean the colour payoff is crazy, and it is so easy to pick up colour of your brush too. They go on the eyelids so easily, I haven't yet had them crease on me, and they stay vibrant for a whole day. The colours are gorgeous and apologies for the dodgy swatches but you'll just have to take my word for it- they are beautiful deep dark and shimmery, light and fresh and glitterly and there are also matte colours available if that is what floats your boat. They apply to the lids so smoothly and are heavenly buildable and blendable depending on what look you are going for on any given day.

These shadows were such a find and I will definitely pick up more. I think MAC have a serious dupe contender here- for instance the first creamy shade in the picture 'Shade 1' is a great dupe for the MAC shadow in Dazzlelight. Cannot believe they were so cheap!

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