Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Lancome Juicy Tubes

When it comes to lip glosses, nothing really comes near Lancome's Juicy Tubes. I used to have about 8 but over the years I've lost a few (mostly on nights out... boo :-( ) but I said I'd throw up a few pics of the ones that I have and some swatches if ye feel like indulging in the ultimate luxury lip gloss. Most of these I purchased in the US and some may have been limited edition.

 (L-R: Marshmallow Electro, Violet Glimmer, Bolole, Lychee, Miracle)
 (L-R: Marshmallow Electro, Violet Glimmer, Bolole, Lychee, Miracle)

All Juicy Tubes come in similar packaging and because they are so ludicrously glossy and pigmented, a little really does go a long long way with these. They last for ages. They have the little plastic angled applicator on the bottom which helps put on the colour and spread it evenly, however because the product is so incredibly sticky, I like to clean these regularly because I don't like the thought of gunk on anything (I know what you are thinking...OCD... you would probably be right!)

These lipglosses really are the ones to beat. Staying power is fantastic, these last for hours and hours and hours easily. They are very sticky though and it is next to impossible to keep any stray bits of hair from getting glued to your lips when you have this on, and this just makes a big sticky mess. On your lips, the gloss feels quite nice and tastes just delish, like you want to lick your lips but you know that would be silly. They even smell so nice. The glitter in them is not at all chunky and my lips have never felt dry after using these but I am a bit of a Vaseline/Carmex fiend. The array of colours too for this product is just amazing, all shades from naturals to nudes to every shade of pink imaginable and a whole other spectrum.

These are the big cheese of lip glosses, super shiny, super glossy, last ages, every girl needs a few of these in her collection.

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