Saturday, 15 October 2011

An introduction to e.l.f. (eyes lips face)

I don't know if many of you guys are familiar with the company e.l.f. yet but I really have to spread some love for this brand, I only discovered them a few months ago and since then I have made tons or orders and I have been so impressed with the quality of their products and the pricing is actually out of this world, items from their regular line come in at just €1.70/£1.50/$1, they have a studio range where most items are €4/£3.50/$3 and a mineral line also. I have gotten so many products from e.l.f. now, I hope to get them all reviewed as soon as poss just so any e.l.f. virgins out there will be more informed before taking the plunge and any hardcore fans like myself can get another perspective.

e.l.f. (eyes lips face) is an American cosmetics brand set up by make-up artists and brought to the UK by Distribeauty Ltd. As I mentioned already, they offer a huge variety of products for extremely competitive prices and I cannot even begin to convey how impressed I am with the quality of the vast majority of the bits and bobs I picked up. I am such a fusspot about what I put on my skin and what I put on my face and I used to be a complete hardcore Mac and Bobbi Brown gal but I have really seen the light. Not only are their products super cheap but they also have an offer on like every other week- from discounts of 20/33/40/50% off to free shipping to free gifts, you can sign up on their website and subscribe to their mailing list and they will email you all the various deals and codes so you don't miss out on any of their amazing offers. To be very honest, they have us so spoiled that I never make an order now anymore unless there is an offer on, be it free shipping or 50% off, there is at least one offer a week, often more than one and sometimes there would be more than one going at any given time so we are really super spoiled for choice. On the issue of shipping, it's a flat rate €4.54 to ship here to Ireland and if you spend more than €40 then your shipping is automatically upgraded to sign for delivery for free. In the UK, postage costs £2.95 and free signed for delivery for orders of £30+. It would be great if shipping was free for orders over €40 too but when you get so much bang for your buck, it nearly seems silly whinging about postage! Anyways, it's a super handy flat rate so it really pays to order a few items at a time. There definitely is a system there to be worked :-)

I am not affiliated to the company in any way and any opinions I give are my own entirely and only motivated by the desire to give you all enough information to make an informed consent, so no ulterior motives here! I don't think e.l.f. have really taken off in Ireland yet to the same extent as the UK, and that could be due to loads of things like people just haven't heard or they might not be aware that they ship to Ireland but I have been gathering up all my products now for ages so that I could do a superhaul and super review. Hope you find them informative, feel free to comment and agree/disagree!

Toodle pip, Ash xxxx

Here is the link to the e.l.f. UK/Europe site

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