Sunday, 23 October 2011

Fyrinnae Haul

The Fyrinnae website ( is THE most frustrating website in the world because when the company are trying to clear a backlog they completely shut the website down, meaning you can't even browse through the colours, and you might have to try the website 100 times before you will be able to order anything. When I first heard about this company I was super excited but I was so near to giving up at their complete non-user friendly website. However, when my goodies arrived in the post, all was forgiven. These samples cost just $2 dollars each (approx. €1.45 or £1.27) but Fyrinnae put a cap on what you can purchase, up to $40 i think but I would have to recheck- and they have loads of colours to choose from.

(Column 1: Monarch Butterfly, Sacred, Fire and Ice. Column 2: Newcastle, Dinosaur Plushie, Immortality)
(Column 1: Arcane Magic Trickery, Snow Leopard, Biker Chick. Column 2: Arcane Magic Madame & Eves, Moon Child)
(Top Row: Monarch Butterfly, Sacred, Fire and Ice, Newcastle, Dinosaur Plushie, Immortality.
Bottom Row: Arcane Magic Trickery, Snow Leopard, Biker Chick, Arcane Magic Madame & Eves, Moon Child) - Apologies for the crap watches- really don't do the colours justice!

These come in transparent little pots with no sifters but you can clearly see you get a very generous sample size. You only need the smallest bit of this product to really build colour so I am sure these will last for ages. The shadows are all labelled on the bottom but I quite like the way you can easily lay them out in front of you and pick out a colour. They all arrived shrinkwrapped so no product was lost in transit and they were actually delivered quite quickly to Ireland from the US and they slipped past customs no problem.

These shadows are amazing- mixture of matte, high glitter, fine glitter, shimmer, every conceivable colour possible. They go on easily, if you team them with Pixie Epoxy, they stay on easily, you don't need a lot of product to get a good colour but the more you use, the more dramatic the colour is. I would actually say these are on a par with the MAC pigment eyeshadow pots- same intensity of colour, same texture but a fraction of the price. The swatches don't even do the colours justice but there was no way I could pick up the multi faceted colours with my mere camera but take my word for it, I was blown away by the pigmentation and quality of these.

Love their products but their dodgy website makes shopping hard. Will definitely repurchase full sizes of my favourite colours (if the website allows!)

Star Rating:
If they sorted out the website, they'd get the full 5 stars from me, not a reflection on the products but more so the way they choose to do business in completely taking down the website.

Hope this helps xxx

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