Sunday, 23 October 2011

Eylure Lashfix Adhesive for Strip Lashes

This is my all time favourite eyelash glue and I use it all the time in spite of whatever lashes I purchase. I think it was about €3 in Boots but it lasts forever provided you seal it properly.

Decent sized little tube of glue- 6 mls- when you open the top you see the wand tapers off at the end to allow you to apply the product naturally. Seals tightly, no spillage or leakage issues to report, does the job nicely.

This is the best glue I have ever tried. It's white in the tube and white when you apply which I actually like because it means you can see what you're doing. My approach is put the glue on the strip lash line, wait a few seconds until the glue looks like it's kind of set a bit and then apply to your own lash line, starting at the inner corner near your nose, extending outwards but following the natural curve of your lashes. This glue never melts away on a night out, and you don't get that awful occurrence of one of the sides of your fake lashes beginning to peel off half way through the night. At the end of the night however when you do wish to take them off, they come off easily and you don't have to tug. I wear contact lenses all the time and my eyes would be quite sensitive but I have never had a problem with this glue. At the end of the night, if you wish to reuse your lashes, I just use a little cotton bud dipped in hot water to remove any glue/mascara residue and store the lashes.

No other lash glue I have ever tried has even come close and especially considering the price of this one, I'll keep repurchasing until it goes out of production!

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