Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Essence Eyeshadows

These come in a variety of colours and finishes. I picked up 3 for 2 in Sam McCauley's chemist a while back. I think they are just €1.99 each.

 (L-R: Chill Out, Love that Grey, Disco Diva)

The packaging on these is very similar to the MUA shadows, cheap and cheerful but serves it's purpose. I actually think Essence packaging is very cute anyways for all their products- they're all so girly and colourful and even the font is nice. But that's besides the point. For the price you pay (i got three of these babies for less than €4), you get alot of product so it definitely represents good value for money.

These eyeshadows really surpassed my expectations which, to be perfectly honest, were a little on the low side, just because i was thinking you can't get really great eyeshadows for such a ridiculously cheap price. Well I was so wrong. These eyeshadows are gorge- smooth, shimmery, pigmented. You get so much shadow in the pot and it's not at all chalky so there is no extreme wastage either. The colours apply easily, they blend easily, they last well, what more do you need in a shadow?

Fab :-)

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