Saturday, 22 October 2011

e.l.f. Studio Cream Eyeshadows

So far on the UK site, these come in 4 colours and I have purchased all 4. There are more colour choices on the US site but still waiting for those to get to the UK distributors.. They retail at $3/£3.50/€4.

What e.l.f. promise:
Line, shade and contour your eyes with this ultra pigmented and creaseless cream shadow. Easy to blend for layering and building color. The silky smooth and smudge-proof formula provides long lasting color for a beautiful look all day.

(L-R: Dawn, Candlelight, Bronzed, Eggplant)

 (L-R: Dawn, Candlelight, Bronzed, Eggplant)
 Size comparison- Cream Eyeshadow-v-Cream Eyeliner


These come in decent sized pots in fairness, quite a bit bigger than the Studio Matte Eyeshadow pots which are the same size as the cream eyeliners.  They are nicely protected in the little jars and in the few months that I have had mine, they have stayed fresh and shiny and lovely. There is so much product in these pots, I mean the colours are so pigmented you only need the teeniest bit and it lasts for so long. This definitely represents a value for money product.


I wouldn’t say I am the hugest fan of cream eyeshadows but these colours make amazing bases for other powder shadows, particularly Dawn for a subtle smokey eye and Candlelight for an ethereal, fresh, bright eyed look, I love these two but I use the other two (Bronzed and Eggplant) plenty too. I apply these with a concealer brush or if I really want to layer on the colour i just use my finger and it does the job just fine. Now some of my fellow bloggers have written about how this product creases but I haven’t found that, and not entirely sure of the reason why! I don’t really have greasy eyelids anyway to begin with and I wouldn’t have much trouble with shadows creasing, but what I find really works for me is a touch of e.l.f. Translucent Mattifying Powder (review to come) over each lid before applying any shadows and I find that magical powder is a much better base than any eyelid primer that I have ever tried, it sets me up perfectly and I never have any creasing issues so give it a try and see for yourselves! 


Does everything I ask of it, and even though I use it on as a base and love it for this purpose, you could also wear them on their own because the colours really stand out. 

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