Wednesday, 26 October 2011

e.l.f. Studio Bronzer in Cool

This bronzer is the only matte colour in the studio line. They retail at $3/£3.50/€4.

What e.l.f. promise:
Create a healthy looking glow all year round! The sheer soft powders provide the perfect hue of color. Blend all 4 colors together to achieve a blend of perfection or choose your favorite color or colors to mix, match and blend. 
Cool Bronzer- The ideal selection of matte colors to achieve a natural looking tan. Ideal for winter or year-round.

The packaging on this bronzer is the sleek studio packaging we have come to know and love in the e.l.f. Studio Line. There is no window in the product but under the lid there is a huge mirror which is really handy. The colour is divided into four quadrants, which normally wouldn't bother me because i would just swirl my brush all over to pick up all four colours, for reasons I will later divulge, i appreciate being able to apply these colours individually.

I don't usually like matte bronzers but on the premise that this was meant to be a good bronzer for the winter i said i would pick it up. This colour, when all four quads are swatched together, is far too dark for my pale skin, i tried it twice and it just looked like mud and was really hard to blend out. I was determined to find a use for it however and I have been using the four different colours for different purposes, the white is a nice highlight under your brow, the pink in the bottom ride hand corner is a nice blush and I use the other two colours for contouring.

As a cool bronzer, well it was an epic fail for me, but using the four colours separately and effectively means i don't feel cheated! Still not a patch on the other e.l.f. bronzers though!

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