Wednesday, 26 October 2011

e.l.f. Mineral Blemish Kit

This comes from the e.l.f. Mineral line. They retail at $8/£6/€6.80. I picked this up for €3.40 during a 50% off sale. It is one of the most expensive products e.l.f. offer but it is full of natural ingredients like natural sulfur which is quite expensive, and I am always willing to pay that little bit more for quality skincare items.

What e.l.f. promise:
Heal and disguise blemishes with the all natural Mineral Blemish Kit. This translucent powder has active acne fighting ingredients like natural Sulfur, Tea Tree and Willow Bark to treat acne and prevent future breakouts while penetrating deep into the pores to control blackheads.

This mineral powder is sheer and comes in a pot of a similar size to the mineral foundations and blushes etc that e.l.f. offer but instead of the black top it has a shiny silver lid, and unlike the mineral eyeshadow, loads of product does not get dispersed and lodged in the tray, instead you just tap it out when you want it and I prefer this. It comes with a darling little concealer brush which is also pictured and unlike most brushes that e.l.f. provide with their products, this brush is perfect for use with the powder.

I think alot of these products are a bit of a leap of faith initially but I had read so many great things about this powder that I just had to try it for myself. I don't get spots very often but when I do get one, it's usually big and red and sore and makes me totally paranoid. Instead of just covering it up with concealer, i like to actually treat it, and that's why I use products like e.l.f. Zit Zapper and this Mineral Blemish Powder and things like Tea Tree Oil from Body Shop. Anyways, I had to wait a while before i had a blemish to try this out on, but low and behold one arrived and I applied this sheer powder at night after washing my face in cold water. I must actually say, despite the fact I was a little bit skeptical, it actually worked at reducing both the size, redness and soreness of the blemish, and it definitely disappeared way faster than normal- usually 3/4 days but was gone completely in 2 days. I have also tried it wet and applying it like a paste to the blemish and i found this was equally effective. Like I said, i don't get blemishes very often but when I do I was a quick effective solution and I really think that this powder is great, but seeing is believing, and you have to try it for yourselves. If you get blemishes, pop one of these into your 'bag' next time you are shopping online.

I actually feel guilty for doubting it!

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