Tuesday, 25 October 2011

e.l.f. Lengthening and Volumising Mascara

These come in 2 colours, black and dark brown, and I have the black version. They retail at $3/£3.50/€4.

What e.l.f. promise:
Achieve thicker, fuller, and longer lashes that are beautiful and natural. The enlarged brush coats your lashes evenly for an enhanced appeal. The unique formula is clump free and quick drying so you can have color that stays on all day with no smudging and no flaking.

Straight off from the packaging you can tell that you are getting a very small amount of product because the handle of the wand is really very long and you are only left with a small pot of colour. This was the main reason I didn't purchase the dark brown one also, it just doesn't represent good value. I know €4 is cheap for a mascara but I cannot abide excessive wastage and I just wish there was a bit more product. The wand is very long and the actual applicator itself is quite small which I quite like because it makes it easier to catch small lashes at the side and really allows you to go to the root of the lash and coat the entire lash for maximum effect.

It esteemed to lengthen and volumise but I don't think it really excelled at either to be honest- however, as a black mascara, I quite liked this. It didn't budge during the course of a day and still came off easily enough with a Johnsons baby wipe at the end of the night. I have quite long lashes anyway so i have enough to work with but if you purchase this expecting it to make a significant impact to the appearance of your lashes, I wouldn't be very confident. I really like the smaller brush with this because it allows you to reach smaller lashes, and often i find myself using this with my all time favourite mascara ever (Diorshow by Christian Dior) to catch small lashes at the side because the brush on Diorshow is huge (but i love that too!). I never wear mascara on my lower lashes but if i did, I think this would be great for that.

Kinda middle of the road with this one. I wouldn't recommend it for volumising or lengthening, i think you can get other drugstore mascaras for about the same price that will do a much better job, but I like this as an everyday black and I like the wand too even though it means you get a tiny amount of product.

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