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e.l.f. Brightening Eye Colours

These come in 18 colours and I have already purchased 15. They retail at $1/£1.50/€1.70. I got alot of these during a 50% off sale ages ago because I really wanted to build up my colours and at 85c for four colours, it don't get much better than that! 

What e.l.f. promise:
Luxuriously smooth, corn silk formula provides eyes with a neutral base and an awakened brightness. The formula blends into skin for a long lasting, beautiful effect. The 4 colour quad allows for both natural and dramatic looks. Mirror in compact included.

 (Top Row: Blue Moon, Teal Dreams, Nymph Dreams, Glam, Ethereal, Silver Lining, Punk Funk, Drama)
(Bottom Row: Day 2 Night, Pretty in Pink, Butternut, Hazy Hazel, Nouveau Neutrals, Luxe, Rocker)

 I like that four colours come is such a neat little compact but to be honest I would prefer if the shadows came in a rectangular shape instead of triangular because it's quite hard to get at the colour in the corners of the compact. They come with a little transparent lid which is great because you can easily pick which colour you want to go for on any given day. Also every little compact comes with a little applicator AND underneath the applicator in the compact there is a tiny little mirror which is an added bonus. I know it doesn't look like luxurious, high end packaging but I think it fulfils all criteria and apart from the triangularness of it all (i know it makes them look pretty but I'd rather use up every last bit of colour), I think these are pretty darn neat!

I'm so hit and miss with these- I love some quads, i don't even like some others. I think the best way to evaluate these shadows is to take them one by one.

Drama *****
This is my favourite quad and I have a back up purchased already, I love these colours. In the quad you get a matte white, sparkly dark silver, sparkly grey and sparkly light silver. These colours blend so nicely and work so well, perfect for a smokey eye over a black base. I adore this quad.

Teal Dreams *****
These are gorgeous pigmented shadows- a sparkly ivory, a sparkly champagne colour, a sparkly light blue and a sparkly green. The colour goes on sheer enough but is easily buildable and this quad is also very blendable.

Nymph Dreams *****
The colours in this actually blow me away and I found a great dupe for one of my fave MAC eyeshadows, Aquadisiac, in this quad. Colours include a really pigmented sparkly yellow good but this is quite chalky so be careful and watch out for fallout with this one. The next colour is a gorge shimmery coppery colour, super pigmented and really stunning as a crease colour. You get a lovely glittery dark aqua colour (the aforementioned dupe) and a sparkly bronze colour completes the quad. This is really a stunner and one of the few quads where I actually adore every single colour.

Punk Rock ****
Not for the fainthearted, these are bright vibrant colours and these will make your eyelids visible from other space. But that's kinda why I love it. The colour lineup is a matte white, matte royal blue, matte purple and a really glittery pink. The reason this is only getting four stars is because three of the colours in the quad are matte and the shimmery pink is just so enhanced by the glitter that I wish the blue and purple at least were similarly glittery.

Pretty in Pink ****
If you like your pink shadows, you will love this quad. Again colour lineup is matte white, a salmon/coralish matte pink (chalky), a light plum pink colour and a glittery baby pink. The pigmentation on these is pretty good and I appreciate the way the three pinks are sufficiently different shades.

Glam ****
This is another dramatic quad with a matte baby pink. a glittery black, a matte magenta and a glittery salmon pink with lovely little flecks of gold glitter (but a little of the chalky side). The four colours really stand out on their own but there are loads of combinations that you can go for with this quad in particular and you know what they say about variety adding to the spice of life and all that jazz!

Silver Lining *****
This is another one of my fave quads (of course being the metallic fanatic that I am!). The colours include a really pale shimmery lilac, a gorgeous glittery violet which is great for a purple smokey eye look, a lovely dark silvery/grey colour which I love to use with the colours in the Drama quad and a fab glittery pink. You can do subtle pastel eyes looks or vamp it up with the dark silver and purple for a smokey look- definitely one of the most versatile quads.

Rocker ****
The colour line up in this are a shimmery white (it's very hard to pick up though so it's not my favourite white in these quads), a beautiful gold colour (chalky), a lovely shimmery purple lavender colour and a glittery black colour similar to that found in the Glam quad. The reason this only gets four stars is because the white is so hard to pick up but the other three colours are great.

Day 2 Night *****
This is another wowser of a quad- gorgeous champagne/ivory shimmer colour, subtly sparkly aubergine colour, a matte really dark grey (not quite black) and a stunning copper. I think the name might be misleading because these are all such rich glamorous shades, I think would only wear them at nighttime!

Blue Moon **
I just don't like the colours in this quad- a cream, light brown, light blue (extremely chalky) and a smokey blue. I don't particularly like the finish, this is not one I would reach for.

Butternut **
I only like one of the colours in this quad and it's the burnt orange metallic coppery colour over at the far right, it's just that bit different to the copper in the Nymph Dreams quad. The other colours are a cream, light orange and a dark brown that has quite poor pigmentation.

Ethereal **
I thought I was going to love this when I saw it on the website but it has just really failed to impress me the way I hoped and the main reason is that the colours are a bit underwhelming- there is a matte white (very chalky), the same orange as the Butternut quad but it is very hard to pick up this colour with the applicator or a brush, a peach colour which is not too bad and chalky enough to pick up and a very poorly pigmented dark brown that looked promising but let me down.

Nouveau Neutrals **
This quad also just makes me 'meh'. It's not awful, it's just not good. The shimmery white is nice and soft enough to pick up with brush, the mud (green brown) colour next to it is underwhelming, another cream colour which is very hard to pick up and a kind of tan colour which is not easy to get on the brush and also very poorly pigmented.

Hazy Hazel **
Even though the quality of this quad was better than some of the others in my miss list, I never find myself reaching for this quad because the colours are fairly uninspiring I think. There is a chocolate brown, a cream (chalky), a very poorly pigmented purple and an antique gold colour which is my favourite out of the four. Just not struck on this one.

I can't even give this one star because this was the most disappointing of all the quads. All the colours are matte and are extremely hard to pick up apart from the second one which is chalky enough to pick up colour but does not blend easily. The colours are a dusty pink, a brown, a beige and a baby pink but I can't ever see myself using this quad.

Love the ones I love and have already purchased back up of my favourite in Drama but as for the misses, if I didn't have them I wouldn't miss them.

Hope this helps xxx

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