Monday, 31 October 2011

e.l.f. 32 piece Eyeshadow Palette Naturals and Brights

The 32 piece palette collection is called the e.l.f. Studio Endless Eyes Pro Mini Eyeshadow palette on the US website and comes in the colours Warm and Cool. On the UK website these are called Essential 32 piece palettes in the shades Naturals and Brights. Firstly, on a purely pedantic note again, I prefer the nomenclature of the US site because to say that the palette is full of natural colours implies it is a neutral palette and I wouldn't really agree, I think that could be misleading, but it is full of warm colours with lots of lovely and very non natural metallic colours. The most natural colours in these palettes are all matte and as I will explain below, these are awful quality. I wanted to get this palette anyway because I was curious about it but if I had purchased it under the representation of the UK site that it was a palette full of natural colours, like the Urban Decay Naked Palette, I would probably have been a bit miffed. Just a small point but one that I felt was worth making. These cost $5 (normally $10 apparently)/£6/€7 each.



These palettes are approximately 11 x 16cm which seems quite small but I think that's half the charm with these, if they were huge cumbersome palettes they wouldn't be so compact and portable and easy to carry. They have a decent sized mirror on the lid and come with a single double-sided eyeshadow applicator but I prefer to use my own brushes for all my eyeshadows. Each individual eyeshadow is about 1.5 x 1.5 cm and I haven't hit pan on any of them yet but I haven't used any colour loads yet, i have just been trying out different things. I like the matte black finish of the cases, i just think it looks really sleek and professional, and they feel really sturdy and strong and not flimsy like some other palettes I have tried before.

Both palettes are a mixture of matte, shimmery and frosty colours and you get a good cross section in 32 colours a piece. The matte colours are hideous- bad quality, hard to pick up even, really disappointing. The frosty and glittery colours are really nice though, some are a little powdery so there's lots of fallout and you should be prepared for that. I usually have a fan brush next to me to swiftly sweep away any fallout but I know some people do their eye make up first and then apply the rest but I am so set in my ways now when it comes to my ritual and I don't think I can be changing at this hour of my life. I like the metallic shades in the naturals palette but out of the two i prefer the brights, largely because there are less matte colours or the matte colours present are more blendable and pigmented. 

Even though the nasty matte colours irked me, I think the other lovely colours make up for it. Convenient way to transport lots of eyeshadows, would recommend if you like to experiment with new looks and shadow combinations.

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