Monday, 31 October 2011

e.l.f. 100 piece Eyeshadow Collection

When this finally became available on the UK e.l.f. site (click HERE), I just had to have it. On the US site it is described as the Endless Eyes Pro Eyeshadow Palette but the UK site has labelled it the 100 piece Eyeshadow Collection, as far as I can tell. it's only the name that is different. These retail at $10/£15/€17 (quite a substantial difference there taking into account various exchange rates but what can you do?).

What e.l.f. promise:
All-you’ll-ever-need professional eyeshadow assortments. Create a dark and smoky eye, a fresh and bright aura, or a totally fun and funky look with endless color options and textures to select from..

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 Columns 3 and 4
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Columns 9 and 10

There are alot of colours packed into this palette which measures a neat 19 x 23cm approx. I don't know why I thought it would be bigger, and it's not that i was disappointed, I think it's just from all the pictures I had seen I expected it to be the size of an A4 page. It's only about 1cm in depth also so it is very portable, and the plastic packaging looks and feels quite sturdy, and I like the transparent cover. There is a mirror on the lid underneath the black 'eyeslipsface' label and two little sponge tip applicators but I prefer to use my brushes for applying these shadows because I like to blend colours etc. Each colour itself is 2 x 1.5cm and i don't think there is much per colour but there has to be some catch when you get so many colours in one palette. If you use different colours all the time, I am sure this would last for ages.

There are a variety of different shadows in this palette- matte, shimmer, some chunky glitter ones, some frosty colours. The matte ones are really awful to be honest. Alot of them, particularly the lighter colours, are so hard to swatch and pick up and they apply so sheer that it's like you never put them on at all and they are not well pigmented. The shimmer and frosty colours are great for the most part, good pigmentation, but some are a little on the chalky side and there is alot of fallout with them so you need to have a good fan brush on hand when applying them. They last quite a long time to be fair when used with a good primer, I used the e.l.f. Mineral Eyeshadow primer and a touch of the e.l.f. Translucent Mattifying Powder and it did the trick nicely. There is such variety of colours which makes it great for blending, some of blues, greens and pinks are really bright and pigmented so this palette would be a great way to easily introduce colour into your eyeshadow collection. There are no shades I wouldn't use in it really but to be very honest, I just wouldn't bother with the matte shadows because they are hard to pick up and the pigmentation is so poor. There are about a dozen or so matte colours like this so in a palette of 100, it's not that bad really.

If you like eyeshadows and experimenting with colour, this is the palette for you because the options are endless.

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