Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Christian Dior Lip Gloss Collection

My good friend Elaine picked these up for me for Christmas last year and I actually love them so much that I am afraid to use them because it might waste them. I love Christian Dior products (my all time fave mascara is Diorshow- review to follow) and these lip glosses are just They came in a little set, I don't know whether she picked them up in an airport or something, but they are gorgeous, usually when you get a set, there might be a shade or two you wouldn't be gone on, but I love these five colours.

The packaging on these is just adorable- they come in typical tube shaped applicators with a plastic angled top and even though they are smaller than a Lancome Juicy Tube, they are absolutely packed to the brim with colour. 

These glosses are great, they are incredibly pigmented and they last for ages. They are incredibly shiny, and maybe it's because they were expensive, but they even look expensive, just really luxurious finish on them. I love the 5 colours, each one of them is different to the next, from a natural gloss to ruby red and a few shades in between.

If I was really mean I could take away stars for them being so pretty that I just don't want to use them but that would be arbitrary, capricious discrimination and I am meant to be a baby lawyer. I'm lucky to have such a great friend with such stellar taste in lip glosses! 

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