Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Catrice Ultimate Shine Lipstick in Shy Flamingo

After hearing so much about Catrice, decided to pick up a few bits in a local pharmacy. I got this lipstick a few weeks back and I have been testing it out since and now I am making it my mission to spread Catrice love! I think it's hard or maybe even impossible to get these products in the United Kingdom and you wouldn't come across too many outlets stocking the line here in Ireland either, it has been described by fellow bloggers as the sister company of brand Essence so if you know somewhere that stocks Essence goodies, keep your eyes peeled for the Catrice stands too.

 Sleek shiny silver packaging
 (Ultimate Shine 110: Shy Flamingo-beautiful brightcoral/red colour packed with fine shiny glitter)
Swatch doesn't do the colour justice!

I really like the packaging on this, small little silver tube with 'catrice' emblazoned on. Comes with a coloured sticker on the end the same colour as the lipstick. It feels really nice and strong and sturdy, when the lipstick is twisted up fully it feels nice and secure so I wouldn't worry about this snapping and breaking. What I like about it is that the lipstick winds in fully so that there is no chance of damaging it with the lid when putting it back on, some other make up brands don't offer this and you would end up accidentally scraping the lipstick and that is a really sucky feeling (trust me, I'm so clumsy, i know that feeling well)

The actual product itself is a lovely pigmented coral/reddish colour packed with really really fine glitter that doesn't make it look glittery but allows it to live up to it's name (ie Ultimate Shine). It lasts quite a long time but I am used to reapplying every couple of hours to ensure maximum colour impact in any case. The colour is really creamy and applies really easily and I like to pair this colour with the e.l.f. mineral lip liner in Peachy, it just keeps everything nice and neat and in place and it's nice to have a strong defined lip and simple eyes and the liner/lipstick combination is a godsend if that's your chosen look for any given day. 

Love this lipstick and the colour variety was huge, will definitely pick up a few more colours because at €4.49 it was a steal.

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