Monday, 31 October 2011

Catrice Smokey Eyes Set in 010 'Smoking Area'

The Catrice Smokey Eye sets come in three varieties and I have the grey set. I am obsessed with smokey eyes and I really judge a brand on their smokey eye offerings, and because I am really liking Catrice, I could not wait to get my paws on this set. It was only €4.99.

It comes with all the shades you need to create a smokey eye look, and what I really like about this palette above others that I have tried is that the darkest colour is actually a cream eyeshadow which means it is far more pigmented than a powder and I think it really adds some drama to a smokey eye. When i got the set first i thought it was a gel liner but having tried this out a few times, it doesn't have the consistency of a gel liner really, but it's nicely smudgable and I rate that. 

What is really adorable about this set is that on the back there are directions on how to achieve the perfect smokey eye look, and i thought this was a lovely little addition. 

The packaging on this is typical Catrice transparent and so sturdy, it feels like you could drive a car over this and it wouldn't even crack.

 The set also comes with a little applicator with a double sided sponge applicator on one side and a little angled brush on the other for the cream shadow liner. 

The colours are really pigmented and blend easily and last for ages, I have put this on before going out for the night and  return home still in tact and crease free.

I would totally recommend this to anybody who likes to try out a smokey eye look, and i'd definitely give it a whopping ***** rating!

Hope this has helped! xxx

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