Monday, 31 October 2011

Catrice Nail Lacquer 'Caught on the Red Carpet'

I adore Catrice nail polishes, they are my my favourites beyond doubt. They only cost €2.79 each here in Ireland and they are better quality than any other nail polishes I have ever come across before. This is the most recent one that I picked up in the shade 070 'Caught on the Red Carpet', a gorgeous deep rich red that looks darker in the bottle than it does on nails but is the most gorgeous shade of red.

I love the packaging on this nail polishes, the brush is a really nice size, not too wide but not too small and the big black top is neat. You get 10 mls of product in this bottle.

Catrice nail lacquers are a great consistency and this is no exception, i like the way the mixture is quite thin, but one coat of this gives you great coverage and two coats seal the deal. I dislike thick nail varnishes because they just look grainy and lumpy and take ages to dry. Catrice nail lacquers dry super quick, like crazy fast, by the time you have your second hand finished, the first hand is completely dried and set. The lasting power on these is off the scale also- at least three days before it starts to chip (e.l.f. nail polishes don't even last a day before they start chipping) and even at that they are easily fixed. They also come off pretty easily with nail varnish remover too and none of the Catrice colours that I have gotten so far have stained my nails in the slightest. I have like 10 colours now and I am going to continue to keep purchasing these, they have not let me down yet! I really like red nails but i am fussy about the shade of red but this one is really great, darker than a blood red, but really glamorous at the same time and perfect for a bit of Hallowe'en glamour!

Love this colour, I've finally found my favourite red nail lacquer and the quality of this is great. Applies easily, lasts ages and comes off easily, can't ask for more!

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