Monday, 31 October 2011

Catrice Multi Colour Blush in 010 Riviera Rose

This blush costs just €4.49. It comes in typical Catrice transparent packaging which I like because it is simplistic and since the products are always presented so nicely, it's nice to be able to see them. All Catrice packaging is really sturdy and this is certainly no exception.

I use all four colours together to make a nice peachy/pink blush with just a hint of shimmer. I think it is a perfect summer and winter blush for pale skin. It is nicely pigmented and buildable which I like because you can decide exactly how much or how little you like and I like to have the option. 

I think you could use any of the colours that make up this blush individually as highlighters and they are sufficiently pigmented to have a bit of a wow impact. I think this blush gives a natural healthy glow. The blush is not too powdery but it is easy to pick up and very blendable. I think that this has great staying power too, especially for a budget brand.

I really like this and I definitely recommend giving this a try.



  1. Nice blog!
    I am a follower now and would love for you to check out my blog and follow if you like.

  2. Hi Ashley, just officially followed your blog now, i have been reading it for ages, i really enjoy your reviews! X :-)

  3. I am SOOO curious about Catrice products, we don't have Catrice in Denmark lol and feels like everyone is talking about Catrice or Essence wich we do not have either.


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