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Black Rose Minerals Haul

I came across a review for this company on the Phyrra website ( and when I looked at the company website, I was very impressed with the layout and accessibility of the website The company is run by one woman, Rosa, and I think she is very hands on involved with all aspects of her business. Black Rose Minerals sell mineral make up and there are a huge variety of colours which make the most amazing eye colours ever. The day I ordered there was a 30% off coupon code to use at the checkout at the end and I took full advantage of this- I ordered 18 sample jars with sifters and 10 sample baggies and all including delivery here to Ireland was about $29, or €21 and what's more, the package didn't get snapped up by customs here in Ireland either which saved another few sheckles.

Sample Jars
(Pegasus, Zelda, Titania, Silver & Cold, Calypso, Sirena)
(Top row: Pegasus, Zelda, Titania. Bottom Row: Silver & Cold, Calypso, Sirena) 
 (Insect, Sponge, Nightingale, Confused, Slip and Fall, Ghost)
 (Top Row: Insect, Sponge, Nightingale. Bottom Row: Confused, Slip and Fall, Ghost)
(Minky, Lioness, High Ho Silver, The Brain, Skink, Foretold)
 (Top Row: Minky, Lioness, High Ho Silver. Bottom Row: The Brain, Skink, Foretold)
(Ocean Potion, Pacific Oil Slick, Peacocky, Bleed Black, Sweet Hereafter)
 (L-R: Ocean Potion, Pacific Oil Slick, Peacocky, Bleed Black, Sweet Hereafter)
 (Hocus Pocus, Royal Orchid)
(Miner Infraction, Grape Drank, Phantom)
 (L-R: Hocus Pocus, Royal Orchid, Miner Infraction, Grape Drank, Phantom)
 Little thank you note included in the package...
Lovely handwritten note and sparkly pieces
 Five free baggies
(L-R: The Colonel, Two Cents, Ultraviolence, Were Me Out, Stardust)

There are three sizes of product sold- sample baggies, sample jars and full size jars. The sample baggies are really cheap, i think about 60 US cents each which is approx 45 EU cents or 38p. They have a nice bit of product in them, but to be honest they are a little fiddly and awkward and I find myself leaving a cloud of sparkly powder behind anytime I open these. Then again, that said, I think these are great for sampling, I mean you can't really appreciate colours without seeing them against your skin so the sample baggies are so handy. Next size up are sample jars which are $2.50 each or if you buy in bundles 6 or 12, they are just $2 each (about €1.45 or £1.25). Full size jars retail at $6 or less again if you buy in bulk. You can also ask for sifters in the sample and full size jars for no extra cost. You get slightly less product if you ask for sifters but I think it's worth it because your product is a bit safer and it prevents against wastage. The labelling on products is adorable too- all the jars have black lids and really striking red stickers which clearly identify the name of the product and on the other side there are transparent stickers with messages like 'not lip safe' etc but you still have no problem making out the product. All the shadows came shrink wrapped aswell and were well packaged when they arrived in the post.

I have tried many different mineral make up brands before but BRM are my favourite in terms of colours offered and value for money. I got alot of colours delivered to my door for  €21 and I am so impressed with the finish and pigmentation on all the colours. They are very easy to apply and they last long enough if you use a proper bases like Fyrinnae's Pixie Epoxy (review to come). When I used the Pixie Epoxy, I had no problems with creasing, however I wouldn't recommend wearing them with no base because I think the colour will just fall off. There is so much product in the sample jars because really you only need a tiny bit to build up colour so each sample jar is great value.

I'll definitely pick up full sizes of my favourite colours when my sample jars run out. Highly recommended.

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